This web site was previously located at There it had a grand tradition of being very little read, and I suspect that most readers were university political science and sociology students who used its content to produce world-class essays. James Dale Davidson did cite it in his book “The Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm”, which I find odd. My “Empire without Emperor” thesis is purely academic, taking an analytic outsider’s view, never judging the world forces described, pointing a path for action to change the world, or considering whether such path is desirable or even possible. In one sense that can be seen as profoundly pessimistic, but in best Portuguese fashion, I set out to analyse the world’s workings, not to solve its problems.

Another grand tradition that will be kept here is to have very few or none blog posts (this one an exception). The thesis stands for itself, 18 years after being written, its argument still stands. Arrighi’s competing argument, of an hegemonic transition towards Asia and in particular China, still seems weaker than my idea of a developing new hegemonless hegemony.

Ana Mandillo